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"Beyond the Ballot Paper - Surviving One Day at a Time "

The Sequel - 
"Beyond the Ballot Paper - Surviving One Day at a Time "
Award Winning Book - 2006  - David’s writing career began in 2006 with the award-winning book - True Warrior.  

With the desire to inspire and encourage other survivors to excel in their endeavours, David wanted to share his story and he wrote his maiden title entitled True Warrior. True Warrior, focused on surviving epilepsy, corrective brain surgery, memory loss and abuse. Within the book he significantly understated the extent and severity of the abuse, because, at the time of the publication, some of the abusers were still involved with David’s life, therefore, David, remained at high risk of harm should he speak out. David went on to complete a follow-up book (2010) with further books being works in progress (2021).  Now the main threat of the abusers has diminished, but not completely disappeared, David reveals all about the true extent of the abuse endured and the difficulties, including, the perpetrators. The forthcoming book entitled 
"Beyond the Ballot Paper - Surviving One Day at a Time "  is due for publication in 2021.

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David Di Palma - Survivor & Author - 1968

David Di Palma

 Survivor & Author - 1968

Born in 1968 David is a brain injury and abuse survivor (sexual, physical and mental abuse). David’s motto ‘To triumph over adversity is my greatest strength’ is reflective of  his resilience. David has kept diaries all throughout his life, the intricate and invaluable diaries detailing his experiences surviving; epilepsy, abuse in all forms, a brain injury and being an Independent Politician.  Abusers were aware of David’s diaries and frequently searched for them in an attempt to locate and destroy the intricate works and catalogued evidence. David always tried to stay one-step ahead of the abusers by continually changing his hiding places and by producing back-up copies of everything. From a young boy, David was threatened to keep quiet about the abuse, David focussed on trying to protect his mother and sisters from the abusers and focussed on being a better person than his abusers were. David, the Survivor could so easily have taken an alternative path as many others have done, instead he committed his life to focus on supporting others through difficult times.  The physical abuse David endured caused his first brain injury which caused epilepsy. Educated in mainstream schools, David left school at the age of sixteen; determined to improve his circumstances, determined to overcome the power and control the abusers had over him and to continue to support others. David, returned to higher educational establishments and studied Information Technology and Law. David. In later years, David, further continued upon his vocational educational path by securing a grade of Distinction in Inspecting Housing Services and further progressed to a higher level, by studying for Managing Housing Services, with the Chartered Institute of Housing, becoming a Housing Practitioner.

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Long time no hear

It has been a long time since we last posted but it has been a very busy few months in respect of supporting the communities of Braunstone Town and Leicester Forest East.  The meetings of the respective Councils continue to be held via Zoom which is a format that I personally quite like.  We have been busy recruiting another team member and I am pleased to say that Jude has joined our unique team.  We are actively looking to recruit an additional team member to work evenings, so if you are looking to join a diverse and friendly team based on the Branstone Town/Leicester Forest East border please drop us a line.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes
Jude on behalf of David

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You Can't Mop it up

I’ve been paying close attention to the behaviour of my fish recently and they certainly appear to be spawning. According to the information I received, fish require something soft to lay eggs on. You can find a number of specialised nests in aquatic shops, but I’ve heard an idea of using a mop head instead. All being well, this isn’t a joke but a legitimate suggestion. If not, I am sure the fish will find some other use for it.

Today I’ve been busy in councillor mode working on a complaint file on behalf of a parishioner. The complaint is complex, but I enjoy the challenge and I will ensure that with the support of my team we will give the complainant the best possible chance of winning.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been busy working on the garden and planting flowers, fruit trees and shrubs. The garden is looking far more colourful than any of the previous years and now I’ve been here for 7 years. My garden definitely benefited from lockdown restrictions. 

Luckily, garden centres remained open for most of the time during the Covid-19 pandemic as visiting them is a therapeutic experience. 

Monika on behalf of David. 
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