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Saturday, 27 June 2020

Up-In-Arms . Where's the Concrete Bollard?

I’m feeling relieved today after Support Worker Claire and I managed to track down a friend we have not heard from for a few weeks. We’re relieved to know that she is alive and relatively well. We will sleep much better tonight knowing we’ll be able to meet her again.

In other news, the concrete bollard is yet to make an appearance in respect of unauthorised and dangerous parking in the sheltered housing scheme where I live. Whilst it is quiet at the moment, I don’t think it will be for long because the residents who are up in arms campaigning against the installation of the concrete bollard,  have got a petition against the bollard, but I don't think they have overturned the decision yet. 

Personally, I support the installation of the bollard because it is just a matter of time somebody is struck by a car because the residents are driving their cars on the area they should not be driving.

Monika on behalf of David 

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