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Monday, 10 August 2020

You Can't Mop it up

I’ve been paying close attention to the behaviour of my fish recently and they certainly appear to be spawning. According to the information I received, fish require something soft to lay eggs on. You can find a number of specialised nests in aquatic shops, but I’ve heard an idea of using a mop head instead. All being well, this isn’t a joke but a legitimate suggestion. If not, I am sure the fish will find some other use for it.

Today I’ve been busy in councillor mode working on a complaint file on behalf of a parishioner. The complaint is complex, but I enjoy the challenge and I will ensure that with the support of my team we will give the complainant the best possible chance of winning.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been busy working on the garden and planting flowers, fruit trees and shrubs. The garden is looking far more colourful than any of the previous years and now I’ve been here for 7 years. My garden definitely benefited from lockdown restrictions. 

Luckily, garden centres remained open for most of the time during the Covid-19 pandemic as visiting them is a therapeutic experience. 

Monika on behalf of David. 
Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise.
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Friday, 10 July 2020

Lockdown Part 2, Leicester, Weekly review Friday 10.07.2020

Weekly review Friday 10.07.2020

Lockdown Part 2, Leicester, Day 10

Just as there was a glimmer of hope that life can return to a degree of normality, Leicester and some of the neighbouring districts were placed under a second pandemic lockdown.

For the majority of people who closely followed the government advice in respect of social distancing and cleanliness and all the restrictions imposed by the government, we were hoping to be now moving forwards and returning to normal. But the minority of people chose not to follow the rules and regulations and consequently we are back in lockdown.

There are also reports that outbreaks occurred in many of the 1500 clothing and textile factories within the lockdown areas whereby people were either unwilling or unable to follow the guidelines which therefore put everyone else at risk.

Yesterday Support Worker Monika and I encountered a young couple sharing a romantic moment (kissing) whereby one person lived on one side of the motorway bridge which is in lockdown Leicester Forest East and the other person living in the safe zone of Leicester Forest East as the M1 literally splits the Leicester Forest East area in half which is causing more anxiety and frustration amongst the parishioners I have been elected to serve.

In other news, this week my team and I continue to support a local businessman with a problem and we have been liaising with other businesses and service providers to reach a conclusion.  

Monika on behalf of David. Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise.

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Zooming Ahead…….

With us now being in full lockdown mode my team and I continue to train and improve our techniques in respect of video conferencing for remote working as per the government guidelines.

Last week I took part in the Policy and Resources Committee meeting of Braunstone Town Council via Zoom. The main topic on the agenda was Braunstone Town Covid-19 response.
It was an interesting experience which lasted a couple of hours. Surprisingly, a virtual meeting was easier for me to follow than the meeting in the council chamber as it was more controlled. Oftentimes Councillors have a tendency to talk over one another instead of allowing the speaking Councillor to finish expressing their opinion. In this instance I was able to express my opinion without anyone else speaking over me because their microphones were muted.

I look forward to more virtual meetings in the future because from a disability managed perspective such meetings allow me to contribute more freely without other Councillors talking over me or interrupting me without a good reason. Therefore I am able to serve my Parishioners better.  

Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise. Monika on behalf of David
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Thursday, 26 March 2020

Covid 19 - The Silent Killer - Controversial to Say the Least.

Covid 19 - The Silent Killer 
Controversial to Say the Least.

I’m supporting residents from home with the restricted movements and working from home rules now in force due to the global pandemic.

Whilst I do that in Warrior’s Retreat (my aptly named garden office) I think of the people who have lost their lives through the disease that has strangled the life out of so many. I think of the families and friends’ of the victims’ who have lost people to the disease. I think of the vulnerable people who are most at risk of (1) The disease (2) Changes to their care and support services, changes to services that they may not be able to cope with or wouldn’t be able to manage without. 
I think of the people who are on the front line looking after the sick and the dying, then the key workers and front line service personnel keeping our country running at this time. I think of the councillors, government officials, local, National, and armies of volunteers. The unsung heroes, too many to list, I have admiration for them all.

But then I think of the greedy people and corporations looking to profiteer from people’s misery. The Sports & Leisure retailer billionaire who’s inflated his prices to cash in on the pandemic and the store owner over inflating prices on hand sanitiser because everyone needs it. The actions of the fraudsters who are quick to set up scams to fleece people when they’re at their lowest and most vulnerable. Those actions make me feel angry and upset me. The inconsiderate people who let their children out to play, putting their children and others at risk, the people who just carry on regardless because they think they’re invincible and without observing Social Distancing advice. 

But then I think of the people who, through no fault of their own are now having to claim state welfare payments. It wasn’t that long ago that many of those new claimants, the people having to claim because they are unable to work because of the pandemic, would’ve been verbally attacking existing claimants for whatever reason. I clearly recall some political parties themselves would label claimants as ‘work shy’, ‘lazy’, ‘idle’ the list goes on. Whilst many from society would then call political parties the ‘nasty party’, ‘out of touch’ etc. the list goes on. Isn’t it ironic that the former attackers of claimants are now the claimants themselves in need of support because of a situation outside of their control?

The politicians are no longer attacking the weakest and most vulnerable members of society via  cuts to care and support packages, cuts to welfare payments, but, be rest assured that will come when this pandemic is over, it always does. Because the weak and vulnerable are defenceless and easy to attack. Easy to target. 
One hopes that this pandemic will change people’s opinions for the good for ever. 
One hopes this because at this moment in time everyone is vulnerable to attack from this deadly, silent assassin, Covid 19, Corona Virus. 

Some are more vulnerable than others but we’re all vulnerable.
Covid 19 is nasty, unrelenting and can, as we’re witnessing all over the world, choke the life out of many. Covid 19 doesn’t discriminate. The rich, poor, healthy, unhealthy, Covid 19 doesn’t discriminate, working people, unemployed, self-employed, sick, disabled, fit and well, Covid 19 doesn’t discriminate. Covid 19 the silent assassin that shouldn’t be underestimated.

But when this is all over, which it will be. When Covid 19 has been controlled and defeated, which it will be. I hope and pray that from now on we are all kinder to one another. For the future I hope that political Parties/Groups/Independents speak to one another in the National and Local Interest. Political Parties/Groups/Independents should talk to each other wether those groups be in your local Village, Town, District or County. I hope that we (society) never return to attacking, in whatever form, welfare payment claimants ever again. To attack them as society did should be considered a Hate Crime. I hope we are more considerate of other’s needs. The panic buying that occurred at the beginning of the crisis was an embarrassment in itself. There are many in society who have nothing to eat on a daily basis, without Covid 19 being in existence let alone now! It’s indescribably overwhelming that volunteers have offered themselves to support vulnerable members of the community whilst Covid 19 spreads like a silent cloud of carbon monoxide from an invisible source. But, when this is over we (society) shouldn’t just conveniently forget the vulnerable people we’re keen to support now and at Christmas, but, we should continue to support anyway and be kind always. Vulnerable people need you every day of the year not just now. They need you more now but they need you every day. 

My name is David Di Palma. I’m a Brain Injury Survivor. My seizures have increased through stress associated with aspects of this situation but I don’t care about myself, I care about every single one of you. Wether you be my next door neighbour or the woman who told me to eff off yesterday because I waved and said hello, I care about you and I’m here to support you.  I’m an elected Councillor at Braunstone Town and Leicester Forest East and I care about you and I’m here to support you with the support of my support team. If there’s anything we can do to support you please let us know. Thank you. 
Yours sincerely 
Councillor David Di Palma Cert. CIH
Winstanley Ward, Braunstone Town.
Leicester Forest East. 

Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise.

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