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Saturday, 20 June 2020

Weekly Review - 20/06/2020

Saturday 20.06.2020 weekly review

This week David and his support team have been very busy redesigning our website and communications portfolio. These are vital elements of our business. Communication is the key to success.

Unfortunately, as I am sure you will have seen from previous videos and blog entries any computer work that David undertakes causes seizures and abnormal brain activity which concerns us all. It is very difficult to try and tell David that he shouldn’t be doing something that has a negative impact upon his health circumstances. But as a team we support David by keeping him safe and intervene when David becomes ill.

To the untrained eye David would appear normal but if you were to look closer you will see and hear the signs that David is unwell. As a team we remain focus on achieving our objectives to support David and the wider community.

From a support worker’s perspective, it can be difficult to see David become increasingly unwell through trying his best. However, David always reminds us of his motto which is “To triumph over adversity is my greatest strength.”

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