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Thursday, 14 May 2020

There’s no place like home

There’s no place like home

I continue to liaise with Leicestershire Police and other agencies in respect of incidents across Winstanley Ward Braunstone Town. With their being no council meetings to physically attend, all meetings are now being held by Zoom.

Monika and myself have taken part in a number of practice meetings so all participants are familiar with the software and as how to engage. I prefer meetings to be held this was after my initial reservations. They are far more engaging as I feel safe and much more relaxed at home.


Monika on behalf of David. Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise.

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Zooming Ahead…….

With us now being in full lockdown mode my team and I continue to train and improve our techniques in respect of video conferencing for remote working as per the government guidelines.

Last week I took part in the Policy and Resources Committee meeting of Braunstone Town Council via Zoom. The main topic on the agenda was Braunstone Town Covid-19 response.
It was an interesting experience which lasted a couple of hours. Surprisingly, a virtual meeting was easier for me to follow than the meeting in the council chamber as it was more controlled. Oftentimes Councillors have a tendency to talk over one another instead of allowing the speaking Councillor to finish expressing their opinion. In this instance I was able to express my opinion without anyone else speaking over me because their microphones were muted.

I look forward to more virtual meetings in the future because from a disability managed perspective such meetings allow me to contribute more freely without other Councillors talking over me or interrupting me without a good reason. Therefore I am able to serve my Parishioners better.  

Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise. Monika on behalf of David
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