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Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Shopping for a fish or two (11/03/2020)

Yesterday evening was a stressful time for David, as we were due to attend a Council Meeting and I thought the meeting was at 7.30 not at 7.00pm!!   So, by the time I arrived, David had been waiting for me to turn up feeling anxious not knowing if I was going to turn up as I am never late!!  David did not think to call me and started to walk to the meeting without me, luckily I saw him and had to run after him, as he can really walk fast when he’s on a mission!!

Anyway, once I caught up with him, we went to the meeting and got there well before the start time.  Well, David took that within his stride and managed focus during the meeting without any more excitements.

Today, David went to Nottingham to get himself a few fish for his Aquarium. We're hoping having the aquarium will be good for David's mental health.  While there, he spotted this tank and thought… Hmmm I wonder if this is large enough for the Support Worker, Claire to fit in it!!

Dipak Rao .. Support Worker 

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