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Friday, 3 December 2021

Official Book Launch - Two Books in One Day.

After more than two years in the making David & his team begin to promote the two books. 
To say that David is pleased would be an understatement of the century. David is a brain injury disability survivor and a survivor of physical, mental and sexual abuse. The books provide readers with a fully immersive experience of David’s experiences of dealing with the serious issues and the key figures responsible for the abuse.  click me to visit my website
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Monday, 27 September 2021

Nightmare on David Street

The  date is Monday 27th September 2021. The time just after 0430. It is raining outside and the trees blowing heavily in the increasing winds . I cannot sleep. There are too many things going on in my mind which has affected my sleep, inevitably that caused nightmares followed by a seizure. I am aching, my arms and legs ache but my head more so.  I am glad it is dark, bright lights would make the situation worse. I blog about my disability and experiences because it is important that the wider community understand that not all disabilities are visible. Click me to visit the Facebook Page  and here for our unique website
Thanks for joining me and my unique journey, stay safe and keep on smiling. 
Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise.

Sunday, 15 March 2020

The Hottest Topic This Weekend

The Hottest Topic This Weekend 

Sunday 15th March 2020

I attended the 1030 Eucharist at Leicester Cathedral this morning. Upon my return I switched the coffee machine and kettle on to make a drink. Unfortunately, I became unwell part way through the task, whilst pouring the boiling water into the drinking vessel on top of the coffee from the coffee machine. 
The end result; one scalded leg, one floor to mop, and one pair of jeans and jumper to change. The saliva on my jumper and cctv recordings provided the evidence required to support my conclusion that I had experienced a seizure whilst carrying out the task.
Always one to look for the positives at least my leg saved the glass from smashing.
David J. Di Palma, Brain Injury Survivor and Proud. 

Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise.

Thursday, 12 March 2020

Compare and Contrast - An Alternative Perspective

Compare and Contrast - An Alternative Perspective
(Please read the post in full). 

David’s Perspective

Tuesday evening was a frustrating experience when Support Worker Dipak didn’t arrive as expected. Dipak was due on site, at my home, at 1815. At 1845 we were due to leave site to attend two meetings running consecutively at Leicester Forest East Parish Hall in my role as elected Councillor for Leicester Forest East. 
At 1830, not knowing if Support Worker Dipak was going to even come I knew I’d need to allow sufficient time to get to the meeting by walking. I got my shoes and coat on and I left home to head to the Parish Hall when I heard Dipak almost running behind me. I’m taller than Dipak by quite some margin. I really dislike being late and of course one doesn’t always do tasks in the right sequence. 
Thankfully we arrived at the meeting with a few minutes to spare, which is a good thing as that allowed one time to recompose oneself  as one always tries to mask how one is actually feeling. I neither ate an evening meal nor took medication because I forgot to eat and to take medication  at the allotted time because I have memory problems, ensuring these actions are carried out are Dipak’s main objectives each shift. 
I made worthwhile contributions to the meeting, briefly spoke about Wardens’ Walk, the businesses in Leicester Forest East and Wardens’ Walk area of Braunstone Town, Litter Picking, Hi-Viz Vests, and had an enjoyable experience conversing with councillors at the end. I returned home, I again forgot to eat and forgot to take medication. On Tuesday night I experienced seizures.

On Wednesday Support Worker , Claire and I took a trip to the Aquatic Centre. With the support of my team I keep Tropical and Cold Water Fish. I’ve kept cold water fish on and off from childhood but have never kept Tropical Fish before. Claire has them at home so is ideally placed to support me. Fish keeping is very good for my mental wellbeing.  Watching fish and listening to the water is therapeutic and recommended by the medical professionals and counsellors alike. 
Whilst we were at the aquatic centre Claire and I spotted a very large aquarium. So big that Claire, Julian or Dipak  could lay down in it and have room to spare. Unfortunately I don’t have the room big enough for it, which is probably a good thing as it would be expensive to run.  I purchased three Tropical Fish and some aquaria accessories.  We didn’t go to the gym which is an activity vital for my weight management, and beneficial to my physical and mental health wellbeing although exercising causes more seizures. 

David Di Palma
Brain Injury Survivor and Councillor 

Support Worker Dipak’s Perspective (as per previous post) 

Yesterday evening was a stressful time for David, as we were due to attend a Council Meeting and I thought the meeting was at 7.30 not at 7.00pm!!   So, by the time I arrived, David had been waiting for me to turn up feeling anxious not knowing if I was going to turn up as I am never late!!  David did not think to call me and started to walk to the meeting without me, luckily I saw him and had to run after him, as he can really walk fast when he’s on a mission!!

Anyway, once I caught up with him, we went to the meeting and got there well before the start time.  Well, David took that within his stride and managed focus during the meeting without any more excitements. 

Today, David went to Nottingham to get himself a few fish for his Aquarium. We're hoping having the aquarium will be good for David's mental health.  While there, he spotted this tank and thought… Hmmm I wonder if this is large enough for the Support Worker, Claire to fit in it!!

Dipak Rao .. Support Worker 

Summary and Conclusion.

Both of the above accounts are the respective perspectives of the authors, but, perception is one thing, reality is something different. This post isn’t to critique either author but one does find it interesting to say the least that one perceived the Tuesday incident as David taking something in his stride whilst David went without food, medication, was anxious and left home unsupervised and as Dipak suggests David appeared to make the meeting look easy “Well, David took that within his stride and managed focus during the meeting without any more excitements”. 

The moral of the blog... never assume that all is well and something was easy because it looks or is made to look easy. I have a hidden disability. I am an abuse survivor, brain injury survivor and a councillor. For the vast majority of my life I’ve had to mask the abusive past and to mask the realities of living with a brain injury disability. I’ve had to mask it because my survival depended upon keeping things to myself. But I don’t have to keep quiet about anything anymore. I’m not being forced to remain silent by abusers and I’ve attended years of abuse counselling. I want to help people to overcome their difficulties through my experiences. If I can help at least one person to overcome their difficulties my life will have been worthwhile. If not then my life will be remembered as a waste of time and oxygen.

My name is David Di Palma, I’m a Survivor and Proud. Visit our website to discover more

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Night Time - Flashbacks & Seizures

David Di Palma, Brain Injury Survivor, Surviving One Day at a Time - Flashbacks 
Sunday 16th February 2020

It is Sunday 16th February 2020 and the time is 00:18
Nights are the worse time for me. I experience flashbacks to the historical abuse more at night than at any other time of the day. More often than not I sleep with a Night Light on to make me feel safer. 

Nights are also a challenging time because my brain has difficulty in ‘switching off’. As a consequence of my brain injury the day’s events go around and around my mind, the events unable to take residence in a memory cell because I have difficulty with short term memory. I record the day’s events by keeping a diary, a written record of events, this blog is one such record. Don’t misunderstand what I’ve just said. I’m not making a conscious decision to refrain from ‘switching off’, I’m trying to ‘switch off’ but I can’t. I’m certainly tired enough to ‘switch off’ and to go to sleep but my health circumstances prevent this happening. 

Night time I frequently experience seizures. The episodes cause me to lose feeling down the left side of my body. During and after the episode my speech becomes slurred, I’m unable to move and I have been known to lose control of my bladder, without knowing it. Of course seizures occur during the daytime too, but, at night more often than not the outcomes and symptoms are worse because of exhaustion and lack of care and support staff to help me at night.

As I write this I have a burning sensation located in the right temple. The sensation starts in the right temple and spreads across my forehead. The sensation is like a spreading wildfire. Concentration is becoming more difficult. I’m losing the feeling down my right side of my body, I don’t think I’ll be able to write much more. 

When I type this up from my notebook I’ll type it up as it is. It’s important that my readers and followers understand the situation in an unedited way. I’ve lost track of what I was saying now. I’m trying to speak but the words are slurred. I’m dribbling too. I feel like you would do if you were under the influence of alcohol but I don’t drink alcohol. 

I’ve created a blog template to make uploading content easier but I’m not sure what I was telling you about now. It’s dark but I don’t know what time it is. I’m feeling exhausted and I’m not sure if I’ve wet myself or I’m just perspiring. 

I’m a Brain Injury Survivor and Proud.

For more information visit our website

David Di Palma

Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise.
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