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Thursday, 12 March 2020

Quicker than Linford Christie - 12/3/2020

Quicker than Linford Christie – 12/3/2020

It’s Thursday 12th March 2020.

Support Worker Claire has been put through her paces today. We attended the gym for our health and mental well-being session, Claire achieved a New Personal Best on the Tread Mill. The gym visit was followed by a visit to Subway for lunch. I ordered a foot-long steak and cheese on Hearty Italian, tea to drink and a packet or crisps. The plan was to eat half and to save half for my evening snack. That plan went out of the window, as I was hungrier than I first thought and so the food was demolished quite quickly. 

Next onto Leicester Aquatics for some Neon Tetra (small Tropical Fish). A quantity of ten fish were purchased for my new fish tank, although once more Claire was tested when I purposely sneaked off to see how alert she was. At 6’ 1” tall I can move quicker than Linford Christie, blink and I’ve disappeared. I may fall over a lot due to balance issues, but I can still move very swiftly.

Claire being alert to the impromptu test promptly found me, before I even got out of the store. It is always good to test one’s team members to see if they are alert (he says with a smile). In all seriousness, team members can’t take their eye off the ball otherwise I’m likely to wander off in a disorientated state especially in busy environments. 

Thankfully Claire is always alert, so no harm done. 

Once the ‘test’ was complete we returned to the office to carry out administration tasks.
Feeling exhausted now and having experienced a seizure just before Support Worker Dipak arrived for duty it’s time to rest. 

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