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Monday, 23 August 2021

David Di Palma - The Independent Politician & Equality Rights Activist

The Independent Politician & Equality Rights Activist  – 2010 to Present Day  

With the increasing desire to support many more people and to raise awareness of the difficulties people face on a much wider scale, David’s Independent Political Career began in 2010. David was frustrated with mainstream politicians from all political parties, with them not understanding the most vulnerable members of society and their needs. David, not one for sitting about doing nothing about it, set out on a mission to become elected and to ensure underrepresented groups are proportionately represented at every level of government and for reasonable adjustments to be made in accordance with legislation. In 2011 David secured his first victory when he was co-opted onto Glenfield Parish Council by his peers. Four years later at the Local Elections of 2015 David was elected to Glenfield Parish Council and to Braunstone Town Council in addition to nominated and appointed the candidate at Croft Hill (Blaby District Council); coming second to the blue candidate. In the Local Elections of May 2019 David was nominated and appointed the Independent Candidate for Winstanley Ward, Braunstone Town (Blaby District Council) defeating the Braunstone Town Mayor in the election and was elected to Leicester Forest East Parish Council and Braunstone Town Council respectively. In 2021 David was the independent candidate for Braunstone Division for Leicestershire County Council. David placed third overall and defeated two mainstream political parties. To this day David continues to campaign to ensure that all councillors understand and embrace the diversity and equality agenda and to understand the fundamental principles of representing the diverse communities that councillors  have been elected to serve, regardless of political persuasion and political party membership.
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Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Been wired up! (02/03/2020)

With my Support Worker Claire I attended the Leicester Royal Infirmary to undergo a forty-eight-hour EEG to investigate abnormal activity in my brain.

The instructions received from the specialised medics was to carry on with my normal activities so that the resulting data collected may be used to help with future treatment programme.
On Day One I attended the meeting of the Citizens’ Advisory Panel at Braunstone Town Council with Support Worker Dipak and on day two I was back on track by attending the gym with Support Worker Claire.

Dipak on behalf on David J. Di Palma – A Brain Injury Survivor, A Councillor and Proud.

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Saturday, 15 February 2020

Week Ending 16th February 2020

Saturday, 15 February 2020

This week has been a challenging week.

Living with a brain injury disability is very challenging on a daily basis. 
One of the most frustrating aspects is when I cannot recall what I was doing a very short time ago. It’s very time consuming to repeatedly refer back to CCTV and audio recordings to establish what I was doing a very short while ago. My home and outbuildings are covered by internal and external CCTV and audio recording equipment, the recordings happen 24/7/365. It’s my way of trying to manage the best way I can.

In addition, I wear tracking equipment which can be remotely tracked by Leicestershire Police and other agencies in the event I become lost or missing.  I frequently forget what I was doing and find myself in places and situations that I never had any intention of being or able to provide a reasonable explanation of how I came to be there. Thankfully I can be remotely when the need arises.

My name is David Di Palma, I’m a Survivor, If I can do it, you can do it.
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Best Wishes
David Di Palma

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