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Saturday, 14 March 2020

A Weight Off My Mind – 14/3/2020

A Weight Off My Mind – 14/3/2020
It’s Saturday 14th March 2020.

Today I attended the Everlast Fitness Club with Julian (Support Worker).

We concentrate on working with weights on Saturdays. We always start with the Bench Press exercise. From my perspective this is one of the most challenging disciplines as a consequence of my brain injury, I have co-ordination, sequencing and balance difficulties, therefore, I’m at most risk of being crushed to death when lifting the weights from laying down of the bench. Julian always stands behind me and the rack ready to take the weight from me and put it back on the rack. The ‘crushing’ problem was almost proved today when I decided to go for a new Personal Best lift without Julian being in position. I forgot to wait for Julian to get into position, I attempted the lift but the jump up in weight caught me off guard, thankfully Julian was already getting into position and was quick to react, grabbing the bar and putting it back. 

We ended our session with both Julian and I achieving new personal bests. 

Health & Fitness are very important aspects of my life. From a physical and mental well-being perspective and in respect of goal setting. 

The downside is that working out causes an increase in seizures.
David J. Di Palma, A Survivor & Proud

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