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Friday, 3 December 2021

Official Book Launch - Two Books in One Day.

After more than two years in the making David & his team begin to promote the two books. 
To say that David is pleased would be an understatement of the century. David is a brain injury disability survivor and a survivor of physical, mental and sexual abuse. The books provide readers with a fully immersive experience of David’s experiences of dealing with the serious issues and the key figures responsible for the abuse.  click me to visit my website
Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise..

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Read all about Radford United LE3 Ltd

About David Di Palma & the Radford United/Di Palma (UK) Brands.

The Survivor & Author - 1968 

Born in 1968 David is a brain injury and abuse survivor (sexual, physical and mental abuse). David’s motto ‘To triumph over adversity is my greatest strength’ is reflective of  his resilience. David has kept diaries all throughout his life, the intricate and invaluable diaries detailing his experiences surviving; epilepsy, abuse in all forms, a brain injury and being an Independent Politician.  Abusers were aware of David’s diaries and frequently searched for them in an attempt to locate and destroy the intricate works and catalogued evidence. David always tried to stay one-step ahead of the abusers by continually changing his hiding places and by producing back-up copies of everything. From a young boy, David was threatened to keep quiet about the abuse, David focussed on trying to protect his mother and sisters from the abusers and focussed on being a better person than his abusers were. David, the Survivor could so easily have taken an alternative path as many others have done, instead he committed his life to focus on supporting others through difficult times.  The physical abuse David endured caused his first brain injury which caused epilepsy. Educated in mainstream schools, David left school at the age of sixteen; determined to improve his circumstances, determined to overcome the power and control the abusers had over him and to continue to support others David returned to higher educational establishments and studied Information Technology and Law. David, In later years, David, further continued upon his vocational educational path by securing a grade of Distinction in Inspecting Housing Services and further progressed to a higher level, by studying for Managing Housing Services, with the Chartered Institute of Housing, becoming a Housing Practitioner.

Award Winning Book - 2006  - 

David’s writing career began in 2006 with the award-winning book - True Warrior.  With the desire to inspire and encourage other survivors to excel in their endeavours, David wanted to share his story and he wrote his maiden title entitled True Warrior. True Warrior, focused on surviving epilepsy, corrective brain surgery, memory loss and abuse. Within the book he significantly understated the extent and severity of the abuse, because, at the time of the publication, some of the abusers were still involved with David’s life, therefore, David, remained at high risk of harm should he speak out. David went on to complete a follow-up book (2010) with further books being works in progress (2020).  Now the main threat of the abusers has diminished, but not completely disappeared, David reveals all about the true extent of the abuse endured and the difficulties, including, the perpetrators. The forthcoming books are due for publication in 2020.

The Independent Politician – 2010  With the increasing desire to support many more people and to raise awareness of the difficulties people face on a much wider scale, David’s Independent Political Career began in 2010. David was frustrated with mainstream politicians from all political parties, with them not understanding the most vulnerable members of society and their needs. David, not one for sitting about doing nothing about it, set out on a mission to become elected and to ensure underrepresented groups are proportionately represented at every level of government and for reasonable adjustments to be made in accordance with legislation. In 2011 David secured his first victory when he was co-opted onto Glenfield Parish Council by his peers. Four years later at the Local Elections of 2015 David was elected to Glenfield Parish Council and to Braunstone Town Council in addition to nominated and appointed the candidate at Croft Hill (Blaby District Council); coming second to the blue candidate. In the Local Elections of May 2019 David was nominated and appointed the Independent Candidate for Winstanley Ward, Braunstone Town (Blaby District Council) defeating the Braunstone Town Mayor in the election and was elected to Leicester Forest East Parish Council and Braunstone Town Council respectively. To this day David continues to campaign to ensure that all councillors, regardless of political party membership, are given equal opportunities to make contributions and to represent their communities. Disappointingly the attitudes of some councillors in respect of equal opportunities is more challenging to overcome compared with other councils due to their lack of willingness to work with people with different viewpoints, different political persuasions, and different backgrounds.

The Community Campaigner & 

Equality Rights Activist – 2014 to Present

 In 2014 David identified the greater need to support the community at local, regional, and national level on important subjects including Housing, Disability Rights, Equal Opportunities, and Diversity. With his own personal funds, David established a Campaign Group, Radford United (Community Action Group).  The Campaign group worked predominantly with senior citizens and hard-to-reach groups from a cross section of the community throughout Braunstone Town, Leicester Forest East, and across the District Of Blaby.   Early successes included; securing positive changes to a housing development, a refund of service charges for residents of a Sheltered Housing Scheme, Improving Services for the Community and working with a number of agencies and Community Stakeholders including Leicestershire Police, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue, Leicestershire Scouts, Age UK and many more on initiatives including crime prevention, health, safety, physical and mental wellbeing, community development, running charitable events, social inclusion and community cohesion.   In addition, Radford United established a Community Newsletter and Community Darts and Ten Pin Bowling Teams with the emphasis on Community Cohesion, Tackling Social Isolation and the promotion of Diversity, Equality and Freedom of Expression. Understanding the need to support the local community in the times of continuing financial cuts to local services and using the vast experiences gained from his varied roles.

2017 – Outstanding Achievement Awards In 2017, with the support of his Social Worker and Support Team David progressed and established Radford United (LE3) Ltd, a Private Limited Company. From his unique perspective David fully understands the impact of financial cuts to vital services such as Social Care, Housing, GP and Health Services, Community Transport and Supporting Vulnerable Adults. At the time of the Radford United Community Action Group Restructure, Radford United Community Action Group had been twice nominated for the Blaby District Council Prestigious Annual Community Awards in the category of Outstanding Achievement for a Community Group. The nominations were a recognition of the contributions to the community of David and his team. 

2019  - I am a Survivor & Proud In 2017 David sought professional help with First Step (Leicester). First Step is a counselling service for male survivors of abuse. David attended the counselling sessions in a bid to overcome the lifetime of abuse and to better understand the impact of the abuse on his life. Unprompted, David travelled alone and revisited scenes of crime in the UK and Italy to try and come to terms with the past. David concluded counselling on 1/7/19 and now primarily focusses on inspiring other people to improve their personal and professional circumstances, and to further develop his potential.

2019 Di Palma (UK) Ltd (Independent Consultancy Services) Established.

2019 to present. Radford United (LE3) Ltd & Di Palma (UK) Ltd, with David and his Personal Support Team at the forefront, work with a diverse range of housing and service providers, community stakeholders, individuals, organisations, community groups and service users. Collectively they work with individuals and organisations in encouraging and supporting survivors and service providers to improve their personal and professional circumstances and the services they offer. They achieve these goals through different channels including and not restricted to –  

Awareness Raising – Raising awareness of hidden disabilities and mental  health problems and how they can be better understood through appropriate support, constructive dialogue and equal opportunities. 

Through Education - Educating; service providers, community stakeholders and service users, improving relations between representatives of different political persuasions, working with hard-to-reach groups, in addition to sharing personal and professional experiences through open dialogue. In 2020 David’s goals as an elected representative and community campaigner are to support and develop the community at local, regional, and national level. To campaign for better opportunities for disabled people  and to actively encourage service providers, community stakeholders , service users and individuals to better understand and improve their professional and personal circumstances, by embracing different techniques including S.W.O.T. Analysis, Reflective Practice and Personal Empowerment Processes.

Our combined professional services include and are not restricted to the following-

                  Advisory and Advocacy

                  Complaints Management and Conflict Resolution

                  SWOT Analysis

                  Engagement through open dialogue and presentations.

·            Report Writing, Production & Distribution Services. Including and not restricted to; Diversity,   
     Equality, Inclusivity & Disability Awareness.

                  Campaign Management and Promotions.

                  Strategic; Reviews, Planning & Implementation

                  Production and Distribution of Electronic and Paper Based Reading Products (inc. Books, Newsletters and much more)

                  Promotional Services

For more information visit for more information visit our website

Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise.

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Covid 19 - The Silent Killer - Controversial to Say the Least.

Covid 19 - The Silent Killer 
Controversial to Say the Least.

I’m supporting residents from home with the restricted movements and working from home rules now in force due to the global pandemic.

Whilst I do that in Warrior’s Retreat (my aptly named garden office) I think of the people who have lost their lives through the disease that has strangled the life out of so many. I think of the families and friends’ of the victims’ who have lost people to the disease. I think of the vulnerable people who are most at risk of (1) The disease (2) Changes to their care and support services, changes to services that they may not be able to cope with or wouldn’t be able to manage without. 
I think of the people who are on the front line looking after the sick and the dying, then the key workers and front line service personnel keeping our country running at this time. I think of the councillors, government officials, local, National, and armies of volunteers. The unsung heroes, too many to list, I have admiration for them all.

But then I think of the greedy people and corporations looking to profiteer from people’s misery. The Sports & Leisure retailer billionaire who’s inflated his prices to cash in on the pandemic and the store owner over inflating prices on hand sanitiser because everyone needs it. The actions of the fraudsters who are quick to set up scams to fleece people when they’re at their lowest and most vulnerable. Those actions make me feel angry and upset me. The inconsiderate people who let their children out to play, putting their children and others at risk, the people who just carry on regardless because they think they’re invincible and without observing Social Distancing advice. 

But then I think of the people who, through no fault of their own are now having to claim state welfare payments. It wasn’t that long ago that many of those new claimants, the people having to claim because they are unable to work because of the pandemic, would’ve been verbally attacking existing claimants for whatever reason. I clearly recall some political parties themselves would label claimants as ‘work shy’, ‘lazy’, ‘idle’ the list goes on. Whilst many from society would then call political parties the ‘nasty party’, ‘out of touch’ etc. the list goes on. Isn’t it ironic that the former attackers of claimants are now the claimants themselves in need of support because of a situation outside of their control?

The politicians are no longer attacking the weakest and most vulnerable members of society via  cuts to care and support packages, cuts to welfare payments, but, be rest assured that will come when this pandemic is over, it always does. Because the weak and vulnerable are defenceless and easy to attack. Easy to target. 
One hopes that this pandemic will change people’s opinions for the good for ever. 
One hopes this because at this moment in time everyone is vulnerable to attack from this deadly, silent assassin, Covid 19, Corona Virus. 

Some are more vulnerable than others but we’re all vulnerable.
Covid 19 is nasty, unrelenting and can, as we’re witnessing all over the world, choke the life out of many. Covid 19 doesn’t discriminate. The rich, poor, healthy, unhealthy, Covid 19 doesn’t discriminate, working people, unemployed, self-employed, sick, disabled, fit and well, Covid 19 doesn’t discriminate. Covid 19 the silent assassin that shouldn’t be underestimated.

But when this is all over, which it will be. When Covid 19 has been controlled and defeated, which it will be. I hope and pray that from now on we are all kinder to one another. For the future I hope that political Parties/Groups/Independents speak to one another in the National and Local Interest. Political Parties/Groups/Independents should talk to each other wether those groups be in your local Village, Town, District or County. I hope that we (society) never return to attacking, in whatever form, welfare payment claimants ever again. To attack them as society did should be considered a Hate Crime. I hope we are more considerate of other’s needs. The panic buying that occurred at the beginning of the crisis was an embarrassment in itself. There are many in society who have nothing to eat on a daily basis, without Covid 19 being in existence let alone now! It’s indescribably overwhelming that volunteers have offered themselves to support vulnerable members of the community whilst Covid 19 spreads like a silent cloud of carbon monoxide from an invisible source. But, when this is over we (society) shouldn’t just conveniently forget the vulnerable people we’re keen to support now and at Christmas, but, we should continue to support anyway and be kind always. Vulnerable people need you every day of the year not just now. They need you more now but they need you every day. 

My name is David Di Palma. I’m a Brain Injury Survivor. My seizures have increased through stress associated with aspects of this situation but I don’t care about myself, I care about every single one of you. Wether you be my next door neighbour or the woman who told me to eff off yesterday because I waved and said hello, I care about you and I’m here to support you.  I’m an elected Councillor at Braunstone Town and Leicester Forest East and I care about you and I’m here to support you with the support of my support team. If there’s anything we can do to support you please let us know. Thank you. 
Yours sincerely 
Councillor David Di Palma Cert. CIH
Winstanley Ward, Braunstone Town.
Leicester Forest East. 

Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise.

Monday, 16 March 2020

The Invisible Man

Monday 16th  March 2020 – The Invisible Man (A Survivor’s Inner Strength)

I’m Not feeling particularly well. I’m having difficulty communicating, my speech is slurred & I cannot find the words I need. I’m feeling numb down the right side of my body. The numbness spreads from my head to my toes. I lost my balance a short while ago and fell, banging my head, but with no visible sign of injury I’m not going to worry about it. I made it to the toilet and back without getting caught short, a victory in itself. 
I’m back in bed now but will get out of bed again soon. 
I’ve no visible injuries apart from a large scar to my scalp from neurosurgery but not all disabilities are visible or fit into a tick box. 
I can neither make myself, nor my circumstances nor my disability disappear. 
My mindset is positive and determined. 
My name is David Di Palma, I’m a Brain Injury Survivor and Proud. 
More diaries about survival coming soon in my new book…. 
David J. Di Palma – Surviving One Day at a Time.  
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Expressing the personal views of David Di Palma unless stated otherwise.

Friday, 21 February 2020

An Achievement of Epic Proportions

21/02/2020 .
Today I attended the Braunstone Leisure Centre with my Support Worker (Dipak).
I was on a mission to beat my Personal Best of twenty minutes on the rowing machine.
I set my target to thirty minutes. At fifty-five minutes in I really needed to stop. Being so close to doubling my thirty-minute target I was determined to push on. I set a new Personal Best of sixty-two minutes. One hour and two minutes. To say that I’m pleased is an understatement.
An achievement of epic proportions.
I know I will experience seizures later on but going to the gym is good for my overall well-being, so I carry on regardless.
My name is David Di Palma, I’m a Survivor and Proud.
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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Book Authoring – The Final Furlong. (18/2/2020)

This afternoon I have spent time writing and editing my forthcoming book.
The book is entering the final pre-printing stages and I’m excited by the prospect of seeing the finished work going to print. This edition has been a long process, taking longer than I would’ve liked because I’m really struggling with brain fatigue and other issues associated with my brain injury.

This causes frustration and many other side issues.
My motto is ‘To triumph over adversity is my greatest strength’.

My name is David Di Palma
I’m a Survivor and Proud
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This blog is representative of the personal views of David Di Palma.

More Orders Despatched

Following the successful book launch this week the orders continue to come in. David, supported by his PA heads to the Post Office to despat...