Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Coronavirus lockdown update

Coronavirus lockdown update

Since the lockdown was put into place by the government on 23rd of March David has found adjusting to life very difficult just like the rest of the society have.
From the mental health perspective, it has been extremely challenging because he is unable to go to the gym which was a valuable source of mental and physical wellbeing as well as an opportunity to socialise.
Being told you are only allowed to go out once a day was also challenging for David experiencing brain injury consequences and short memory problems.
The positives under lockdown are definitely financial as David has not got as much opportunity to spend his money. He likes to go out to the shops rather than shopping online which leaves him with a few more pounds in his pocket.
Another positive aspect of lockdown is embracing new technologies, trying out new software to organise video conferences. Yesterday for example David tried Microsoft Team for the first time to have an informal meeting with Leicester Forest East Parish Councillors.
The online meeting was successful despite the fact that Luke, the French Bulldog, kept snoring in the background the whole event. Sophie, the Jack Russel Terrier, did not find it fascinating either and fell asleep on David’s lap. As a lady she minded her manners and did not make any sounds.

Monika on behalf of David
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