Monday, 9 March 2020

Price for a Spring Clean!!!

Today I was struggling with trying to ascertain what kind of weekend David had as he forgets!! That’s what David does! He has major problems with his memory amongst other things.

I found out that on Saturday David went to the Gym and then Nottingham with his Support Worker Julian to get some  things for the house.  David must have forgotten to check that the dogs had no access to the lounge during his absence, the result was that the dogs got into the lounge and had a BIG PARTY!!!

Oh, yes, David is, now in need of a replacement Remote Control, some candles and a new pair of slippers.

Well, then there’s Sunday, David has no support and he was in a mood for a Spring Clean.  So, he decided to have a good go and he does like to give his 100% to everything he attempts.  Hey, that’s great for us but not so great for David, as he pays the price for this surge in energy spend!  This leads to David being clumsy and making more mess which needs clearing up. Slips, trips, falls and other injuries and then there’s the seizures. By the end of his Spring Clean you cannot tell which bit of the mess was from ‘David’s Spring Clean Party’ and which bit of mess was from ‘The Dog’s BIG Party’!

So, let’s talk about the price David pays for trying to Spring Clean.  On Monday, he was very tired and unsteady.  David had a seizure in the car and now has to sit back and watch the world go by!!. 😉

Dipak Rao - David’s Support Worker
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